Trip to Europe: Part 1

Picture the scene, 4 girls who haven’t spoken French in about 5 years (and even that was only GCSE level) arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport with very little idea where they’re going or how to get there…

12053274_10153716039277718_2254955_n Paris1

Part one of our mini European trip was a visit to Versailles/Cheville just outside of Paris. Not going to lie the main reason for this was because much like London, staying outside of the main city is a lot cheaper, and we thought whilst we were there we might aswell explore Versailles a little too. After figuring out which tickets we needed we proceeded to get on our first train into central Paris…whilst on this train we were met by two French rappers who positioned themselves right next to us and sang VERY loudly. Everyone on the train avoided eye contact with them and each other although I did share a little giggle with the lady opposite me. Once they had FINALLY finished their extremely repetitive song they walked up and down the carriage asking for money, we said we didn’t have any even though they were saying they were happy with any currency. After they left I exclaimed “My Mum definitely would have given them some” (Mum if you’re reading this then don’t deny it you so would have!). Train one successfully completed we then had to get ourselves to the Metro. Having managed to find it I was SO excited to find that underground trains in Paris are DOUBLE DECKERED! A double decker train…underground! How cool is that!? Whilst on the train to Cheville it began to rain, the rain we had been expecting when we all accidentally bought matching Mac in a sacs prior to the holiday. This was just the beginning of what was to be a very wet holiday. We put our macs on and exited the train. On the platform there was an escalator, an outdoor escalator, in the rain! Forgive me for being slightly concerned to mount an electrical machine whilst it’s getting wet, I thought I was going to be fried. Being the brave soldier I am though (HA!) I offered to go first and we did all survive the escalator ordeal…success! Then we had to find our way to our hotel, in the very heavy rain, with suitcases! We were using google maps which…did you know…doesn’t work very well in the rain! I was trying to use my nose, my chin, my elbow, my knuckle, anything that may be dry just to make the darn thing cooperate with me enough to get us to our hotel quickly and in a semi dry state. The semi dry state definitely didn’t happen but we did find our hotel and stumble into a reception which was hosting a Chinese conference looking like drowned rats. Thank god our room was ready but unfortunately we weren’t going to be able to eat at the hotel due to the event they were hosting…we NEEDED food! Once we got to our room we began to remove wet pieces of clothing and hang them anywhere and everywhere in the hope they’d dry enough for us to put them on and get them wet again the next day. Food time…there was the most delicious looking patisserie across the road and so lunch on day one consisted of a pommes au tatin, half a baguette and some sliced Gouda, mmmm!

So we had found our way to France, we had a bedroom, we had changed our shoes to pairs that didn’t resemble a reservoir and it was time to begin the tourism regardless of the monsoon currently happening outside. We decided to brave public transport and got the bus to Chateau de Versailles, a huuuuge house with a lot of gold, a lot of tourists and free entry for EU citizens (bargain!). Jess being the history enthusiast I recently learnt she is, was super keen to get a tour headset and learn everything about every room in the house, I on the other hand was just more interested in taking pretty pictures of pretty rooms, either way we all enjoyed the visit and felt like we had succeeded at making the most of a rainy day. Day one was a wet success and spirits were still surprisingly high, little did we know how many more wet days we were going to have to swim through. See what I did there?

P1010053 P1010059

P1010062 P1010115

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London Adventures

So last weekend my two darling friends Genevieve and Florence (they requested I change their names for privacy reasons :D) came down to London to visit me! And believe me it was much needed as I was turning into one lonely lickle girly!

Anyways, throughout the weekend I was taking artistic photographs at every turn and claiming I was going to blog about it all, however….now I’ve come to do it….can I remember it all? Of course not!!!

I’ll start from the beginning because I’ve been told that’s a good place to start from.

Day 1:

I took them to Garfunkels! Apparently you don’t get Garfunkels up north because they were both  photographing the menu, the walls, the food..everything! Like right tourists!! The waiter also  definitely had some hidden interest in us as he kept giving us creepy looks and was weirdly smiley!  Just another odd London male to add to my list of encounters!

After we had eaten our hearty meals and maxed out poor Jenny…oops I mean Florence’s! Bank  account..we went for a very long walk! Big Ben, Houses of Parliament…which I had to be taught all  about (oh the shame), Westminster bridge…London eye…my Nike fuel band was going mad!! But  we had so much to catch up on and were definitely not ready to go to bed!

Day 2:

The next morning we got up super early, much to sleepy Florence’s dismay and were out of the house and on our way to Trafalgar Square by 9.30. We took the obligatory pictures with the lions, had a short history lesson about ol’ Nelson and his column (that lesson consisted of Genevieve telling me he was some historical guy who had done something important and got his own pillar!), giggled far too much atthe humongous blue Hahn Cock which had foundits way into TrafalgarSquare, attempted selfies and took a Canada pic for Genevieve…it was a must!


Then…it was onto Leicester Square to visit M&M world and hopefully buy some theatre tickets! We walked a ridiculously long route via Covent Garden, and a stop off at the Royal Opera House, another must for any dancer, and before I knew it I found myself in M&M heaven! Now I

don’t actually like M&Ms that much, I have no dislike for them but they’re not heavenly…however this place was pretty heavenly! Other than the smell which took a bit of getting used to…who couldn’t get excited being surrounded by bright colours, plenty of photo opportunities and hundreds of tubes of pretty coloured chocolates goodness!! Have I sold it to you yet? 🙂 anyways, despite saying I just wanted to look, I ended up leaving with a bag of my very own pic ‘n’ mix style M&Ms which turned out to be the only thing I bought that day and kept me happy right  through until 11am the next  day when the bag was  finished and I hit depression!


After we dragged ourselves out of M&M heaven we started eyeing up the various discount theatre ticket stands  and were very confused! Anyways we ended up being served by a lovely young man with far too much west  end knowledge having seen just about every show. He told us he used to be homeless until he got  this job, so if  you’ve read my last post you’ll know how happy that made me! 🙂 we bought tickets for ‘Stomp’ which none of  us had seen and whilst it wasn’t at the top of our lists, we were still very excited to see it as we had no idea what  to expect! It didn’t disappoint….but more about that later.

It was now about 11.30 am and we decided that was nearly 12 so lunch time was acceptable! Genevieve and  Florence had the biggest jacket potatoes you will ever see and we got perved on by yet another odd London  male! (Must be something in the water?) After that, it was time for Oxford street!! But my feet did not know what was to come! After 7 hours of shopping up and down the high street Florence had bought a dress, some boots and a VERY exciting tshirts with dinosaurs on, and Genevieve bought a necklace…and something else which I can’t remember..owww.

At the end of our first day it was time to watch Stomp! After a short issue finding the theatre we were sat in our seats and ready for whatever was about to happen…we had no idea!
The show was AMAZING! I cried with laughter and sat with my jaw basically on the floor for most of it. As I said earlier we had no idea what to expect, but I was expecting used and more dance, however what actually happened was a completely self accompanied hour and a half performance. The performers used everything from bins to kitchen sinks, plastic tubes to newspapers to amaze and


entertain the audience! Not only were they all incredible percussionists but each one of them had their own character and personality and portrayed them perfectly without a single word throughout the whole show. Their musical talents and their acting were both excellent.
The set was also pretty spectacular as it set the scene and was used during the show as a musical instrument as well as for the performers to swing from.
Just as we thought the show was ending, they took it up a level again. The props got bigger, the dancing was outstanding, one guy in particular, I have never seen someone jump so high! And I thought that it was a really nice touch that they got the audience involved and taught us some of their tricks, again, without and words.
Stomp was extremely worthy of the standing ovation (which WE started) and all 3 of us left the theatre smiling from ear to ear and in awe of what we had just seen! My cheeks were hurting I had smiled so much, and safe to say when we got home, I may have tried to start a clapping rhythm on the bed…but Genevieve and Florence weren’t having any of it 😦 oww.


Day 3:

On our second day we had slightly more of a lie in and then got ready to go to Camden Market. After a very long deliberation over what to wear we headed off to the tube and were on our way. Much to our dismay, when we left the tube station in Camden, it was raining and cold! Me and Genevieve had also not brought our umbrellas because we couldn’t be bothered to carry them! Oops!! Serves us right for being lazy!
IMG_4456 IMG_4454 We sheltered in shops for a while and giggled at the Lycra wear in  American Apparel until it looked like the rain was stopping and we made a  run for it. First stop was FOOD! Now that was stressful, there was people  shouting at us from everywhere and waving free samples in our faces!  Pretty sure if you didn’t want to spend any money and had no heart you  could just take all their free food! I felt too mean eating their food then  saying no though 🙂 good Siana! Me and Florence got some yummy  yummy Chinese food and Genevieve had a hot dog. Such a boring girl  hehe.

After we had eaten we began to wonder around the masses of stalls!  Didn’t quite realise how many there were! It was like a maze!!! Now to try  and remember some of the things that caught our eye…the cute tshirts, flower headbands, toothbrush holders, lots of jewellery, phone cases, scarves, wooly hats and of course…being me…anything with a quote on it 😀

Some pics of the goodies we saw and bought…

IMG_4469 IMG_4470 IMG_4476

IMG_4481 IMG_4485 IMG_4487

IMG_4464 IMG_4451 IMG_4461


My new wooly hat, beautiful cameo pendant and cute polka dot headband, all for just £16. YIPEEEE

IMG_4501 IMG_4492IMG_4511



As a bit of a break when the rain got very bad we treated ourselves to yummy crepes, not quite pancake man though!!

Then when our feet had really had enough we got the tube home and ventured to pizza express for the pizza Florence had been waiting for ALL weekend and I had promised her! After that it was pretty much home, watch a movie and start packing and then go to bed because I had work the next day…boohoo!

I seriously had SUCH a lovely weekend with these two girlies. So if/when you both read this…thankyou!! I didn’t realise just how much I missed you both but the fact I didn’t stop smiling the whole weekend (except when my feet really really hurt) shows I clearly love you both lots and lots and lots!! ❤ can’t wait to see you both again and live together eek!

Bye bye for now xxx