School reunion: 5 years later

You know all those films you watch where you see your favourite teenage stars get to season 5 or 6 and end up at a really awkward school reunion where there’s one pregnant one, one engaged one and one who’s gone off the rails? Well that’s where I was this weekend! Except there wasn’t a pregnant one or one who’s gone off the rails, just an engaged one I’m very happy for, and it actually wasn’t awkward AT ALL, I had a lovely time!

Here’s that fabulous bunch…

Guernsey Reunion.jpg

In this picture you’ll see a soon to be Doctor and 2 lawyers amongst many other impressive sounding careers, such as a Data Analyst and something to do with building which is like Architecture but not quite, I forgot what that one was called! Anyways, all of these were much more impressive than my ‘Social Media’ job title and so when met with the inevitable ‘soooo what do you do now?’ question I felt a little bit silly saying that and was mostly met with looks of ‘is that even really a job?’.

Can we also just discuss that I haven’t seen this group of people in FIVE YEARS!? When I was in sixth form the thought of even being a functioning adult in 5 years time was laughable and yet now I live in London, as do all of these lovely people, and we’re all fully functioning, like we can feed ourselves and house ourselves and even buy alcohol in All Bar One without being asked for ID, crazy world I tell ya!

A reunion involving Siana French wouldn’t be complete though without some embarrassing moments where I tried to keep conversation going or make a joke and instantly regretted the words coming out my mouth. For example, I basically admitted that my agreeing to attend this event had made my mum so happy because I would ‘make more friends’…fully aware that makes me sound like a very sad loner. I also admitted a crush that I had for the entire of secondary school. When you’re at school and keeping a secret you automatically think your entire year group knows just because a few people tease you about it, turns out no one knew until now. That wasn’t enough though because after several glasses of wine I felt the need to create a ‘funny’ story out of it and delve deeper into the absolute insanity that was head over heels in love Siana in years 7 and 8, safe to say once the words had left my lips they didn’t seem so funny and I’m praying everyone else had had enough prosecco to forget because I’m majorly cringing. Siana where the hell is your filter?

Taking this back to a more serious note though, I find it amazing that people I went to school with, that I was chucked into classes with purely based on the first letter of our last name or our sixth form subject choices could still be in my life after all this time. Granted i’ve not seen them in 5 years and can’t take any credit for the great idea it was to stage this reunion but I’m so happy that a little piece of my childhood still exists. Looking back on my school life I had such a good time and that is partly down to these people. We didn’t all have the same interests or even hang around in the same friendship groups but we did all spend at least 7 if not more years of our childhoods experiencing the same things day after day amongst the same people and being forced to do the same boring school rituals and celebrate the same amazing life milestones like 18th birthday parties – 2010 to 2011 really was a great year!

I hope I can stay in touch with these people and this be just the beginning because despite not quite recognising all of them straight away due to significantly more facial hair and a much more developed Irish accent, we all have a lot more in common that I may have given credit.

I’ll leave you with this blast from the past, all the girls featured above are in this picture from our last day in Ladies’ College Sixth Form in 2011…

Leavers Y 2011.jpg

You’re all lovely 🙂 xxx


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