Trip to Europe: Part 2

On the second day of our little European adventure we leapt out of bed anxious to see what the weather was deciding to do today…it was DRY! but for how long? Just in case it decided to take a turn for the worst we quickly got dressed, popped to our favourite patisserie across the road…


…’nibbled’ on our sweet treats…


…and were on our merry way to central Paris to begin our second day of sight seeing. Of course the weather didn’t hold out very long and by the time we had to walk to our hotel it was raining again. Key memory from the walk to the hotel? Amy being slapped on the bum by a far too forward French boy who she literally ‘shooed’ away like some sort of rodent, well done Amy! When we found out our hotel room was on the top floor and there was only a lift halfway we thought we were in trouble but it turned out to be a gorgeous, modern room, so modern the shower was IN the room *ooo errr* but don’t worry there was just enough frosted glass to cover your modesty, unless someone was lying in the bed next to the shower (yep that was me!).

PAris5 Paris6

Time to head to the Big Bus Tour but only far enough to take us to somewhere we could eat! What an ordeal that was. After walking around in circles we decided on the cafe with heaters outside it, for obvious reasons, but choosing our meals wasn’t the greatest success and poor Amy (a fussy veggie, never easy to cater for) ended up with eggs mayonnaise from the starter menu because that was all she would eat. Picture 2 boiled eggs chopped in half and served with a dollop of mayonnaise on top of them, oh and a little bit of salad on the side YIPEE! Luckily the crepes we had for dessert were much better and the customer service was highly entertaining with our waiter taking it upon himself to test our French skills and laugh at us when we said things weirdly. With some questionable food in our bellies it was time to hop back on the tour bus and head to the sights such as The Louvre, Notre Dame, L’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, you know all the usuals! Unfortunately due to the extremely poor weather, did I mention it was raining? We didn’t get off anywhere other than the Eiffel Tower. Instead we sat on the top of the bus with macs on, free Big Bus Tour ponchos covering our legs and my umbrella shielding the wind (pictures below for comic value).

Eiffel5 Eiffel4 Eiffel3

You can’t go to Paris without at least standing in front of the Eiffel Tower though so we did get off there and as if by some miracle the sun decided to come out for us, it couldn’t have been more perfect timing really. To make the most of this we made our way up the tower, lift not stairs don’t worry, and took in the amazing view from up there. We also met a lovely Australian lady who offered to take some group pictures of us, always an awkward thing trying to make eye contact with someone and get them to photograph you so it was a relief when she offered and of course I did the same for her!







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