Well today definitely seems like something that needs blogging. I FINALLY got offered a permanent position at AKA. I’ve been interning there since 13 October 2014 and today (13 May 2015) I got asked to stay permanently.

Dream job?

YES! When I was leaving uni I told everyone I was going to get a marketing job within the arts industry and I don’t really think anyone believed me because it was such a niche role within a difficult industry. But hey look…I did it! I pinpointed AKA as the agency I wanted to work at and was thrilled when an internship came up, not only that, a social media internship which I am pretty sure was made for me. I clung on desperately despite there being no job at the end of it and am so excited to have got here and achieved this alllllll by myself.

Quite a few people have asked me what I actually do so here you go (in a nutshell):

1. Manage the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for a number of West End plays and musicals. This involves posting everyday and replying to comments, tweets, private messages etc.

2. Create content ie. Editing photos and videos, doing backstage photography, attending events with the cast in order to photograph/document.

3. Social advertising – something new that I have learnt since starting. You know all those ‘Sponsored’ posts you see on your newsfeed? Yep that’s us. We create the posts, upload the images, choose who we want to target based on their interests and ages and put money behind them to push them out to lots of people.

4. Report on what people like and don’t like on each show’s social media channels, how much engagement we have had, how many people have used our pages to go through to the website and buy tickets etc.

5. Report on how our advertising has performed. Which age and interest groups were most engaged, how many people clicked through to the show website, how many people we reached etc.

Personally I currently work on 1 musical and 5 plays alongside helping the rest of the team on creating content for our other shows, of which we have about 17 between us, and doing advertising and reporting for about 20 other museums, galleries, theatres and production companies.

Oh and did I mention I LOVE it? Ye I do. I am such a happy bunny that I get to stay there carrying on doing a job I love with sooooo many lovely colleagues and seeing new shows all the time.

Basically, dream come true.


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