New Home, New Job (Part 2) – Week 1 as an AKA Intern

Roughly 14 months ago I decided I wanted to put my marketing knowledge into practice in the industry which I have always loved; theatre. From that moment on I started searching through my collection of West End programmes to find out where and how I could do this. I came across an agency called AKA and pretty much from that moment on have wanted to work there…..and now I am!! I can’t say I have ever really wanted something, put my mind to it and got it before so this feels pretty great!!

On 13th October I started as the Social Media Intern at the AKA offices on Shaftesbury Avenue and am absolutely loving it. I have found myself surrounded by some of the most lovely people and obviously share my theatre obsession with all of them! Having completed 3 work experience placements in the past I consider myself to be pretty qualified when it comes to reviewing a placement and this one rates highly! Everyone made me feel so welcome and I was given things to do straight away making me feel useful and wanted, unlike some other placements where I have sat doing nothing for 2 weeks. The offices are reeeeeally cool with the reception area looking like a theatre with a fluffy red carpet, theatre seats and musical memorabilia on the wall, a big ‘Stage door’ sign over the door to my office area and a lit up ‘Diner’ sign on the wall in the Kitchen. This waaka interns in fact all of the office that I saw for the first 4 days of my internship due to a slightly minimal tour hehe. Turns out there were a lot more people hiding up the other 2 flights of stairs!!  So far I have had the privilege of complimentary tickets to two shows, Uncle Vanya and The Scottsboro Boys, I have worked on content for a number of social media pages for shows currently on the West End and some opening later this year, I have sent some official emails to bloggers making me feel super important and I have spent a lot of time reading through theatre reviews and getting to know the ins and outs of who to listen to when looking at the industry. I have another 11 weeks with this fab team and I already do not want to leave. Unfortunately there is no permanent position at the end of this internship but regardless of what happens next it is going to be a great experience to have under my belt!

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvScottsboro Vanya

Check back in the future for mini reviews on some of the many shows I am going to see!


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