Becoming a Londoner

Life update: Since leaving Lancaster just over a week ago I have visited Em in Shrewsbury and lounged around on her couch all day every day whilst she was a busy working bee. Then visited Becky in Manchester, and spent a lot of the weekend in her bed, and am now in London (almost!) i’m actually just outside of London staying with a family friend.

Today I went exploring! For the past few days I have been desperately trying to flat hunt and had no luck, either because I don’t really know the areas the available places are in, or everywhere on the webTube mapsites is gone by the time I request a viewing! SO today I got on a train, then a tube and went for a 3 hour walk around Tooting, Colliers Wood and Wimbledon. Felt like a right Londoner I did 😉 except the constant checking of google maps and…this is cringey…being convinced I was walking down the ‘high street’ when it was in fact just any old street! It had shops on! That constitutes a high street to me!! Must be the Guernsey girl in me, this average run of the mill street still had more to offer than our high street! Anyways I got to know the area a bit better, clarified that there are in fact very few scary gangster type people around there (bonus), that the shopping is good (again that might just be the islander in me talking but i’m happy) and all in all it seems like a safe place so things are good. Now there is just the small issue of finding somewhere! I have now realised that most of the time by the time a flat makes it to the internet it is actually already under offer but they put it there until the tenant actually moves in! Explains why everything I requested to view was suddenly taken! Anyways I have now registered to a bazillion estate agents in and around the area which I came across today and have my fingers crossed that something beautiful will fall into my lap. Turns out being scared of phone calls is particularly difficult at a time when it’s like a race to see who can ring and get the flat first! 😦
In other news…I have my interview for AKA next week (not that I have a definite date yet, just know it’s next week!). Praying I get the position because despite not even knowing if it is paid it is a pretty perfect position for me, social media and musicals! HEAVEN!

I have been down here for 3 days now but it feels like forever! I’m feeling a little bit more positive today having been for a wonder and realising I am actually quite accustomed to London life having spent the past 3 summers here, but yesterday and particularly last night weren’t so good! Turns out following your dreams (or in my case ‘second’ dreams) isn’t that easy! I currently feel like an unemployed, homeless couch potato/traveller. I’ve lived out of a suitcase since July and am hopping between homes like nobody’s business, but I know I actually have it easy! I’m really lucky to have a Dad who will help me live until I get that dream job and figure out a life for myself. LOVE YOU DADDY!

Until the next update……BYE 🙂


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