Goodbye Student Life

On the train leaving Lancaster and saying goodbye to the place which I have called home for the past 3 years. Safe to say I’m in a reflective mood! Last night whilst taking down the pictures with which I had plastered my unplastered walls, I was reminded of why these past 3 years have been quite so amazing. When I started this year I said I wanted to make it count and whilst it took a bit of an unexpected turn and I didn’t necessarily make it count in the ways I was expecting, I can wholeheartedly say that I know I am leaving Lancaster having made something of my 3 years. I am more confident as a person, have 4 great work experience placements under my belt, continued to develop my passion for dance despite thinking that part of my life was over and have found the loveliest, most caring and fun group of friends anyone could ask for!

Whilst saying goodbye to my student days it did mean binning certain items and moving on from my typical student lifestyle! For example:

No more fancy dress box 

It was time to bin that pink feather boer, the leopard print leggings and the collection of braces I had acquired. Every summer I pack all of my belongings up and think to myself ‘oh i’ll keep those I might need them next year’….well I think that is finally over. You know you’re getting old when you no longer have a fancy dress box! Boooo.

Goodbye to the photo covered walls

Over the past 3 years everyone has eagerly awaited the ‘photo wall’. I have plastered my bedroom walls with photos from my years at uni and obviously as the years went on this grew considerably. I can’t help but feel however that now I am an ‘adult’ and will be (hopefully) living in a sophisticated flat I may have to opt for the more classy photo frame approach and maybe not display so many drunken photographs of me dressed as a zombie in my pyjamas.

No need to make do with half burnt pots and pans

Whilst mastering the art of cooking I have had my fair share of accidents and my pots and pans have paid for it. One was binned at the end of last year because every time you cooked with it it smelt like something was being frazzled. And this year the others have joined it in pot and pan heaven. May be time to purchase some new ones and….I might not burn them because after 3 years at uni I am definitely a culinary genius now…

Time to get rid of the millions of freebies I have acquired

Bottle openers, fluffy bugs, leaflets, dominos vouchers, pens, wristbands..the list goes on. I have acquired so much rubbish over the years and never wanted to throw it away because it was all memories right!? Well now I think I’ve realised that I may have more important memories than my 848848 bottle opener or my plough wristband. For example, my grad ball ticket, my one time only carleton ticket and my dance show programmes. Still material and a little pointless/cluttering but I am a hoarder I couldn’t throw EVERYTHING away!!

Hello eBay

Realising that I am leaving uni unemployed and homeless has caused me to re-evaluate my financial status and try to make money in any way I can. Enter eBay. I have become a little addicted and whilst I am only selling items of clothing for an average of about £5, it is still exciting making money from things I would have otherwise thrown away! So whilst I am saying goodbye to student life and binning a lot of stuff, I am also making some money! Waheeeey.

Despite having thrown away all of this stuff I still appear to be sat on this train with a gigantic suitcase which must weigh about 30kg! The taxi driver asked me if my boyfriend was in there…ha oh the irony! If my boyfriend has been hiding in my suitcase for the past 21 years then he is bloody good at hide and seek!!

The final note I am going to make here is that if you are reading this and still have years of uni left to experience, years of collecting freebies, burning kitchen equipment, sticking alcohol related posters around your room and dressing up like a unicorn or an alien (to name just a few of my favourite outfits) then PLEASE make the most of it! I know I planned to and whilst I feel like I did, I still don’t feel ready to leave 😦 Everyone says uni is the best years of your life and I thought they mainly meant the nights out but that would be a lie. In fact the nights sat in our living room hearing about Beth’s summer romances, the gruelling 4 hour dance rehearsals and my hopeless attempts at home DIY with Becky are more likely to be the things I remember.

Goodbye student life.



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