Old Trafford




I’ve waited almost 2 weeks to write this post! On Saturday 26th October I took 7 friends to an Executive Box at Old Trafford. However, ask them and they may very well tell you I took them to heaven! The looks on their faces was priceless and it was literally the most incredible day!


We were served a three course meal consisting of soup, sausage and mash and a lemon tart (yummmm) and then enjoyed copious bottles of wine and cider from our FREE bar whilst the boys screamed at the Ref and chanted every Man U song going. They were playing Stoke City and I must say, there were times when I was a little concerned that these good spirits were going to go down the drain when we lost, however Manchester United pulled through and ended up scoring 2 goals in the space of about 2 minutes (see right for a celebratory picture of Loui!).


To anyone who knows me, you’ll probably realise i’m not exactly a huge football supporter, however my dad is, hence the box! He always says that ‘there is no point in having nice things if you cant share them with those you love’, and he literally could not be more right! The football was the last thing I was interested in, however I know that the boys in particular were only there for that reason, but just to take my friends to such a cool place, give them an amazing day and see the humongous smiles on their faces made my day! I was buzzing all weekend and I think it is safe to say we ALL wanted to go back, and loved Karl huge amounts!!

It’s a day I will never forget that’s for sure.


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