Make it count



So I haven’t blogged in a while, the reason being I have been ridiculously busy. Since my last post I travelled home from London, spent 6 days catching up with my family and enjoying the company of 2 adorable little (not so little!) doggies I had staying at my house, one of whom was my gorgeous Dudley and the other, the little terror that is Baxter.

After a brief visit home it was time to head back to Lancaster and since I have been here, I have not stopped! First came a bit of DIY when Becky moved me into my house and decided we definitely needed to buy Polyfilla and fill the millions of holes there were in my walls. Picture 2 female students attempting this….ye…..pretty amusing to say the least! I also spent my first night in bed with my arm firmly wrapped around my mouth to make sure that no creepy crawlies came and attacked me in the night! Oh the perks of an attic room! I have since got over this paranoia though so all is good hehe.

Before the whirlwind of Freshers week hit me I did have a few days of not doing much around the house so it was nice to spend some time with Jenny and Flo (yes I am now using your real names, deal with it!) who had already moved in. We even got perhaps a little ahead of ourselves and started jogging! That didn’t last long though as my stupid ankle issues started playing up and I was left a silly limping mess. *Poor me*

Anyways, when Freshers week finally came around, it hit me like a tonne of bricks! I don’t think I had quite realised JUST how much work being LUDanS President was (Emily Pollitt I take my hat off to you) and juggling that with a job, far too many nights out and the impossible task of unpacking my room….it is safe to say I was a little niggly and was savouring every hour of sleep I could get. 4 days into Freshers Week and it was evident it had all got too much when I got on a bus headed for my 9am shift at work, only to realise 15 minutes into this bus journey that it was going in the wrong direction and I had now ended up in Morecambe. After a severe panic, and I mean panic, stood at the bus stop weeping and shaking, I got myself on a bus going in the RIGHT direction and got to work an hour late, 1 hour and 45 minutes after I left my house. I am an idiot.

I did eventually make it to the end of Freshers Week, but the fun has not stopped there, since then my degree has actually started, yep that’s right I am doing a degree too, sometimes I forget that! And we have been running LUDanS taster sessions and Competition Squad auditions. It is probably worth noting here that I am SO happy with how many people we have had sign up to and attending classes these past 2 weeks. When I ran for President I always said that my main aim was to get more people involved, and so far I could not be happier with the results. I have however had a bit of a hard time with auditions as trying to remain impartial and choosing people purely based on their performance, not my friendships has been hard and backfired on me a little. I’ve spent the past 3 days feeling like the Wicked Witch of the West and am pretty sure I’ve had a sign stuck to my back saying ‘hate me’ but hey, it comes with the territory and i’m hoping things will blow over in the next few days 😦 I need my friend(s) back.

Okay I think I may have finally caught up on everything that has gone on these past few weeks, in a very whistlestop tour, so I would just like to make a quick mention of the title of this post. I called it ‘Make it count’ because that is what I want to do this year. It has all too suddenly hit me that this is my last year at University. It’s my last year in Lancaster, my last year living with amazing people, my last year dancing with LUDanS and probably my last year having this many people I love this close to me. Working alone in London over Summer made me realise that whilst, I hope that when I get a job and move somewhere new, I will make new friends, the chances of me ever being together with all of these amazing people again are pretty much 1 in a million. And the friends I have made at Uni really are 1 in a million *CHEESY*…….So with all of this in mind I want to cherish every moment of this year. I want to make a million memories and finish the year not feeling like I have missed anything! So far it’s going quite well 🙂 I just hope I can do all of this, and get a degree at the same time, whilst not completely killing myself off by June!


I thought I’d finish on a few pics of the amazing Freshers week I had 🙂


IMG_4725 IMG_4714

1377541_10153254226435478_389780908_n 1378095_10153254239100478_2053890038_n



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