Homeless and Hungry

Big cities make me really sad sometimes, in particular London.

Today I was sat in the park eating my lunch when I watched an elderly man walk over to a bin carrying a Sainsbury’s Bag for Life which appeared to have all that he owned in it. He rummaged around in the bin, pulled out a half eaten chicken leg and stood hovering around the bin whilst finishing off every ounce of meat he could. He then put it back in the bin, walked a short distance away and sat going through his belongings. The number of people I then saw giving him dirty looks just made me so sad. I couldn’t believe it. There I was sat eating my salad with a bread roll, a pot of pineapple, a twirl and a ribena and that was his lunch. It just seems so unfair!

When I was younger my mum used to bring me to London very regularly to ensure I got my musical fix! I remember even then whenever I walked past a homeless person on the street it just made me so sad. I vowed that when I became a famous popstar (which I was obviously convinced I was going to do at the time!), I was going to open up a building where all homeless people could come and get food and shelter. I don’t think I realised that that sort of thing definitely already exists!

I live and have pretty much always lived a very privileged lifestyle and I never take that for granted. Sometimes I feel guilty for the amount of things that I have handed to me on a plate! But I like to think that I make up for it by helping others when I can and being a pleasant, not snobby human being. I know people say that some of these people who live on the streets have done this to themselves either through getting involved in drugs or otherwise veering from the correct path in life, but I can’t help but feel that nobody deserves to live that way. All I wanted to do was go over and give this old man my bread roll, but I felt like that may steal away every ounce of dignity he had. I remember when we were in London a few years ago and two of my friends offered a homeless man the remainders of their pizza. He said no and asked them to put it in the bin, but the minute they walked away he went over to the bin and took the pizza. It was as if he just didn’t want to accept it from them because it made him seem weak and like he needed the help. It is a horrible situation these people are in and if I could wish it away for them, or spend less on me so that they could live happy, healthy, sheltered lives I would…but I don’t think that giving that old man my bread roll, or giving someone on the street a pound coin is really going to make that much difference…

I don’t know what will…

But it makes me sad and I know for a fact that I react far too much to things like this because I have grown up on a privileged, sheltered island where everyone has nice homes and plenty of money. I guess the world isn’t all sparkly and shiny is it =(

**Todays wish: those people sleeping on the streets tonight stay safe and positive**

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