“Don’t cry because it’s ending, smile because it happened”

A Chorus Line at the London PalladiumTonight I witnessed the last night of A Chorus Line at the London Palladium. It was an amazing show and the passion and talent of every cast member blew me away. I think this show particularly touched a soft spot because it was about a group of dancers who you can clearly tell love what they are doing, but who have to face a constant battle just to be able to continue doing what they love. It was particularly poignant tonight as not only were the cast acting these parts, but you could see they were also living it as with this being the last night, it is likely they will all be back to auditions and square one again tomorrow.

Their was one particular scene where the choreographer asks the dancers ‘what will you do when you can no longer dance?’, their responses mainly consisted of refusing to think about it or saying that they just want to make the most of every day they have. This is what started me off! I think those same things every single day, I swear I am an actual addict!

Anyways, when the finale came and they were all there in their gold sequinned outfits, belting their hearts out, I could see their faces beaming and they were soaking up every last minute of it. The cheers from the audience were so encouraging and it was such a nice atmosphere to be a part of. THAT is why I love the theatre and I love performing.

The title of this post is “Don’t cry because it’s ending, smile because it happened” and that is what one of the lovely talented cast members said as she ended the show with a farewell speech and a range of thankyous for all of the people who had been a part of putting on this production. It was a touching ending to a really thought provoking and lovely show.

The beautiful London Palladium A Chorus Line programme

Now I just need to get myself up on that stage one day! xxx

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