“Great stories happen to those who tell them”

This post has probably been far too heavily anticipated after me going on a bit of a social media frenzy earlier posting about how I have had this epiphany and the world and the meaning of life all seem clearer! Well, whilst that may not be entirely true. I do feel like today was a bit of a breakthrough for me. Lets go back to the beginning and I will try to explain.

Today I attended a workshop called the ‘Mobile Storymaking Walk’. This workshop was run by a man who goes by the name ‘Documentally’ and is essentially a freelance journalist who posts all of his stories and photography on just about every social media site going. Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare, Audioboo….you name it he has probably used it! The aim of the workshop was supposed to be to show us how easy social networking makes documenting every little detail of our lives. Whilst that was interesting as I have always wanted to start a blog but never knew what to write about. That wasn’t actually the reason that I found the workshop quite as effective and thought provoking as I did. The truth is I was taken to this workshop by a group of people I had been doing work experience with, and left there in a room full of people I had never spoken to before, probably had very little in common with and knew nothing about. As part of the workshop we went for a walk and were expected to document our journey through photographs, audio and video. Whilst strolling the streets of Shoreditch I looked around me at where I was, who I was with and what I was doing…all 3 of which I would usually avoid at EVERY opportunity. And yet I was fine. I was talking with complete strangers, and whilst conversation was sometimes a little slow or stale, I was fine. I was walking around a place I didn’t know and seeing things I had never seen before, and I was fine. Now to anyone who knows me they can probably vouch for the fact that I am one of the worlds biggest scaredy cats. I wont talk to people I don’t know, I wont go anywhere that is remotely out of my comfort zone, and when things are really bad, I wont even walk into a shop on my own, so to be in this mental environment and not be short of breath or shaking from anxiety was one serious eye opener.

Unfortunately I can’t say that todays little outing has completely cured me of this mental phobia I have against all things new, I think that will take a long time, but it has opened my eyes to how much I’m missing out on. This guy had been to the most amazing places and witnessed the most amazing things because he puts himself out there all in the name of his photography and of capturing a good story. He was seriously one of the most outgoing people I have ever met and if I can be even the tiniest bit more like that then I would be really happy!

This post is titled “Great stories happen to those who tell them” and that was the quote that the workshop ended on today.  Over this past year I have been taking a picture everyday of the year in the hope of collecting them all together and documenting a year in the life of me. Telling my story I suppose you could say. The only problem is, that story is pretty boring at times because if I don’t have to go out, I don’t. I don’t go looking for stories, I just plod on by with what comes to me. So, with the start of this blog, I want to make a pledge to myself (and publish it to anyone who wants to read so that I can’t pretend this never happened!), to be more adventurous, create my own stories, and tell them in a way which makes me feel like I have achieved something and not just shied away from amazing opportunities because I’m scared. I know full well that this wont be easy and I probably will end up realising it is a very silly idea! But I want to tell my stories, because the more I realise I’ve experienced, the more confident I will be to go out and find better stories. And ‘great stories happen to those who tell them’ so here’s to creating and telling great stories! (We’ll see how this goes!)

Oh and here’s a few of the snaps I took on my storymaking walk today:

House Eleven and a Half

An attempt at a cute artistic shot. House number Eleven and a Half.

The most diverse group of people I have ever spent an afternoon with

The most diverse group of people I have ever spent an afternoon with.

The man himself in Spitalfields Market

The man himself in Spitalfield market.


I also feel I should include a link to the live chat he decided to stream of me:

At ‘work’ with LBi

That’s all for now. Fingers crossed more stories to come!! xxx

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